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Currently in Lagos, Nigeria hence the hiatus in my posts. It took me a while to settle in here. In my first week, I was getting over jetlag and seeing family. In the second, I was deciding what events were on and what I would like to go to. In my third, I am now beginning to do actual work and things and trying to see if I would make it through my long itenary I had in the beginning.

One of the things in my itenary was eating in as many restaurants that I could. I tried somewhere last week and the food made me sick all night (I’ll keep their identity private). This week, I’ve got a head start with Terra Kulture.

I love the authenticity of the Terra Kulture Food Lounge and if I ever opened up a restaurant, I will definitely be looking up to their aesthetics and standards.


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I had palm wine for the first time and I actually enjoyed it. Not sure if I thoroughly enjoyed it because it was palm wine or because I drank it from a calabash. In all sincerity, I loved the idea behind the drink but I know it is not something I will drink often as I am a lightweight.



For mains, my boyfriend had Efo (vegetable soup) and Pounded Yam. Initially, I ordered Jollof rice but it wasn’t ready at the time of my order, so I went with Ofada rice. I’m actually glad I had Ofada because I hadn’t had that in so long.

I had a few forks out of his food, okay maybe plenty forks lol. His Efo was so good and it was REAL pounded yam not the makeshift flour people seem to rave over these days – I have never been a fan of that.


The food at Terra Kulture was really good, so was the ambiance. I definitely have to make another trip before I leave.



Which other restaurant would you suggest I visit during my stay??? 






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