Young Girls Mime Beyonce’s Freedom For International Day Of The Girl


If you are a female and reading this then congratulations are in order as it’s the day of the girl, I know you’re probably wondering what is this one saying we are grown a$$ women, but we were once girls too abi?

Today is specially dedicated to the girl child and UNICEF shared this video that shows little girls around the world singing and dancing to Freedom by Beyonce Ft. Kendrick Lamar.

In the post they put the following caption which struck a chord not immediately though but after I had gotten a surprise from Instagram, it read,

“What is freedom for girls to you? We’ll go first. #freedom for girls is living without fear of violence.”

Not long after seeing this tweet, I found a post on Instagram where a woman had been screaming and clapping at a man in a manner that was very disrespectful, and the man in utter frustration hits her with his fist  violently and repeatedly till the spectators intervened.

I was irritated by this and was about to scroll past when I saw the caption and comments, the person who posted the picture asked if the man was right or wrong and my God, the comments people, especially women made, were cringe worthy and quite alarming.

The general consensus was that the man was very right because she was disrespectful and rude, while others made offers to help in hitting her properly since apparently the hitting the man had done was just too small, this came from women.

This made me rethink my reaction to that tweet, we never realize how terrible violence especially to women and children is, until we witness it first hand, or how much it has become a part of our lives or viewed as normal. I could go on and on and give different examples of violence against females that I have witnessed, that were considered normal and well deserved and still have more gory tales to write a memoir.

We deserve to live in a world where women and girls live not only with fear of racism, hunger, poverty and other issues that affect both sexes, but also have to condone living in fear constantly because you’re not sure whether your sneezing wouldn’t make Mr A offended and then he’ll have to hit you.

Everyday cases spring up here and there, in fact I read about one this morning where an uncle sexually abused his niece and her mother refused to press charges because he was a relative and according to her “No be him fault, na so man dey do”.

It is really important today to spread the word, to educate young girls especially when they are young, show your daughter, your niece, your Little cousin, your big cousin, your friend, your sister, your collegue, anyone this video and tell them why it is important that the girl child be taught that complete and total freedom is a right that’s her due!!!



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